Our Mandate:

The Festival is to provide an opportunity for recreational, non competitive schools of dance to attend a competition that provides a cultural and educational performance showcase that will enhance the participant’s self confidence and further develop their dance skills.

Our History:

The Humboldt dance festival began its venture over 19 years ago as the “Quill Plains Dance Festival”.   The festival governing body wanted to bring an opportunity to the Regional Dance Community.


Today, the Board of Directors of the OnStage Dance Festival understands the benefits that the Dancers experience attending – instilling comradeship, experiencing a healthy and positive competition, and finally establish friendships and memories.  The Dance Festival has become collaboration of Volunteer Coordinators, Instructors, Volunteers, Parents and of course the dance participants themselves.


The Festival proves every year to be motivational and inspirational to all our participants.  The continual positive feedback motivates us to strive further in accommodating the needs and interests of the dancers and instructors and pursue opportunities and experiences that will empower and develop the dancer.